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Saffron Integration Program

Saffron Integration Program

$ 50000 Needed Donation

The Integrated Saffron Production, Extension and Marketing Training Program are one of the initiatives to introduce a licit alternative for poppy cultivation in Herat, Afghanistan. The program has been supported the communities in 8 districts of Herat, Afghanistan to find positive and licit economic opportunities and to promote their trust in government and international collaborators, The project will undertake 570 men and women on Saffron production, extension and marketing program. The Saffron is a new crop that is highly welcomed and appreciated by the communities as Saffron cultivation is a new, licit and economically productive crop that has been introduced in Afghanistan in recent years. There is an excellent market demand for the product worldwide and this serves as opportunity for Afghanistan farmers with respect to high price of Saffron in international markets.

RWDOA aims to increase the income of 570 poor and vulnerable farmers in 8 districts of Heart province of Afghanistan by conducting systematic trainings on saffron production, harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing.

 RWDOA in coordination with Herat Department of agriculture, irrigation and livestock (DAIL) and Herat Department of Crime and Narcotic (DCN) will conducted trainings on saffron production, harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing.

RWDOA staffs ensure that all training materials use pictorial approaches so that most of trainees can have optimum understanding of main messages in each session and further a clear training modules will be shared with farmers to find their answers properly in case they faced any problem after project completion. The trainings focuses will be on the topics that their knowledge is essential for saffron cultivation

A total of 570 people from eight districts (injil, Guzara, Pashton Zarghon, Kohsan, Zinda Jan, Ghorian Karukh and Sindand) of Herat province will be selected with groups of 35-40 people (each group in one target district). Each of the trainings sessions will be four days for each group within two years program.

RWDOA will ensure that the training process is conducted by qualified trainers and assistant trainers. The training process will conducted according to the set out training curriculum. The course entails both theory and practical sessions. Practical sessions will conducted on the farm of selected farmers.

To optimize learning achievements of the farmers, power point slides will be  prepared and projected to illustrate different steps in saffron cultivation. Adult training methodologies makes the cornerstones of the all training sessions. Beside the theoretical sessions, RWDOA has will hire 8 technical extension workers to work in the field with concerned farmers practically and ensure that the farmers fully understand the steps and process to be will be followed. The extension officers will play an important role in the field for providing farmers proper advices and consultations. The extension field workers will visit each farmer biweekly during the project implementation to ensure that the farmers properly follow the steps on project implementation. The training will be designed in two series.

The first series is focusing on following issues:

  • Saffron cultivation
  • Saffron irrigation
  • Harvesting
  • Post-harvest processing
  • Saffron packaging

The second series of trainings is targeting:

  • Marketing skills
  • Saffron business management
  • Market linkages

The beneficiaries will be selected from the below the districts as tabulated below:



District # of Trained Men Farmers # of Trained Women Farmers Remarks
1 Enjil 35 35
2 Guzara 35 35
3 Shindand 50 50
4 Karukh 35 35
5 Zinda Jan 35 35
6 Kohsan 35 35
7 Ghorian 25 25
8 Pashton Zarghon 35 35
Total: 285 285

RWDOA besides conducting the training program will further support 570 aforementioned farmers in saffron production and marketing in 8 districts of Herat province of Afghanistan by providing them the required toolkits to use in the farms and the toolkits will distributed to the farmers in the beginning of the program, each of the farmers will receive one toolkit which includes the necessary tools for cultivation, harvesting, processing and packaging. The toolkit consists of clothes, screen, soap, gloves, basket, tray, shovel, garden fork, sickle, and packaging material and moreover RWDOA with other program stakeholders plan to distribute 60 metric tons saffron for the project aforementioned farmers.