RWDOA Internship Program for 80 senior female students of Herat University

RWDOA in coordination with Herat University and funding with U.S. Embassy in Herat-Afghanistan has  implement an internship program for 80 senior female students of Herat University, the program conduct for 6 months and include theoretical and practical session, the during the practical sessions the students learn management, marketing , accounting and job readiness initiative in detailed below


1) What is an organization?

2) Organization types

3) Organization dimension

4) What is management?

5) Management Process

6) Who are managers, what is her/his role and responsibilities

7) Distinguish between government and non-government and companies

8) Decision making

9) Planning

10) Organizing and structure

11) Controlling

12) Leadership

13) Importance of communication



1) What is marketing?

2) Marketing Cycle and Steps

3) Main components of Marketing

4) Structure of needs

5) What is a transaction?

7) Marketing Philosophy

8) Production and its classification

9) Important point on production decision

10) Important components of marketing

11) Market environment

12) Interaction of entities with market

13 Market analyses

14 Resources


Job Readiness Initiative

1) Workforce Preparation Skills

2) Communication Skills

3)  Interpersonal Skills

4) Successful Interview Skills

5) Decision Making Skills and

6) Customer Care Skills



1) Book Keeping

2) Double Entry System

3) Principe of Accounting

4) Recording Transaction on Books of Accounts

5) Journal and Ledger Books of Accounts

6) Classifying, summarizing and interpreting of financial transactions.

7) Preparing financial statements

8) Learning financial packages (Quick Books)


Different training methodologies that are based on adult learning essential were used in the theoretical sessions. To optimize learning achievements of the interns, power point slides were prepared and projected to illustrate different steps in management, marketing, accounting and job readiness initiative subjects. Adult training methodologies makes the cornerstones of the all trainings sessions.

As soon the interns completed the theoretical part of the program successfully, they are starting their practical session in host entities here in Herat-Afghanistan. The program is closing by holding a closing ceremony and certificate distribution

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