Afghanistan presents one of the most challenging and complex development pictures in the international development arena today. International actors are supporting the government and people of Afghanistan through different sociopolitical processes aimed at stabilization, state building, good governance and sustainable development of the country. An inextricable link between security, good governance and development is well recognized.

Unsurprisingly, Afghanistan is making slow headway; hence it remains at the bottom of any poverty-related international indices. Service delivery and government reform is hindered by corruption and considerable capacity constraints. The need for context-oriented solutions that are based on successful international experiences is crucial than any other time in the history of the country. Participation of expert Afghans in the re-building of the country is of the prominent priorities.

In this context, a group of national qualified people decided to proactively contribute in rebuilding the nation and country by establishing a non-profit national organization called Rehabilitation and Welfare Development Organization for Afghanistan (RWDOA) in 2009.

Rehabilitation and Welfare Development Organization for Afghanistan (RWDOA) is an Afghan non-governmental, non-political, non-profit and non-partisan organization established based on eagerness to participate in the post war national rehabilitation and reintegration campaign. The aim of the organization is to effectively contribute in the development process of Afghanistan and to enable the needy and poor.

RWDOA has primarily established its main office in Herat and three sub offices in Farah, Ghor and Badghis provinces in western region of Afghanistan. It is program expanded to Nangarhar and Balkh Provinces and planned to expand the geographical coverage area of the organization in a steady and systematic approach to other provinces of Afghanistan.


A developed, poverty free and democratic Afghanistan where all Afghans, male and female, live a life with dignity, free from violence and discrimination.


To effectively contribute to the rehabilitation, development and democratization process in Afghanistan through undertaking context-oriented initiatives, gender-mainstreamed mechanisms and internationally examined approaches to enable the poor strengthen civil society and support Afghans stand on their own.

RWDOA current activity sectors include:

1)Sustainable livelihoods, 2)Human rights and civil society 3)Education and Gender 4) Access to Justice 5) Emergency relief

RWDOA has been established by a group of individuals who have been extensively involved in program development and implementation for many years with national and international organizations. It is worth for mentioning since 2009 to 2017,  the organization has been providing social services for around 15,728 beneficiaries in Herat, Farah, Ghor, Balkh and Nangarhar provinces of Afghanistan as classified in the graph as below.

RWDOA has the following leadership and managerial bodies

Board of Directors:

The board of directors who are volunteers that have the overall responsibility of organizational leadership

Board of advisory:

The board of advisory that are volunteers or paid experts and professionals relevant to the organization sectors of activity and provide technical assistance to the organization

Management Board:

The management board that is consisted of executive director, deputy director, admin finance manager, program managers and sectorial managers and are in charge of the managerial processes of the organization and its relevant projects/programs